The True Motivation of Elisabeth Home Staging Services

As Elisabeth Home Staging Services who owns her business, I get asked the following question all the time: “So, is there good money to be made in Staging?”

This question always ends up taking me off guard, as income is not how I measure the success of my business.

So what characteristics do successful Home Stagers possess?

• Practical/logical Problem Solving abilities

• Compassionate and intuitive people-skills

• Creative and abstract thinking

• Well versed in Real Estate Market conditions at all times

• Amazing spatial awareness

• A true passion for and knowledge of Décor and Design

• An strong aptitude for all aspects of business

People also often ask me what I lend my business success to. My answer now is this: I liken my profession to a big game that I am blessed enough to wake up every day to play. My game consists of doing everything within my power to ensure that my clients (home sellers, REALTORS, and Builders) sell their properties in the shortest amount of time possible and make the most money possible.

I am thrilled to wake up every morning and start my day. My profession is my only addiction. My clients’ successes are paramount to me. My sole goal every day is to ensure that I have done all that I can to assist in the speedy/successful sale of all of my clients’ properties.

What do we do, exactly?

Plain and simple.

We effectively accentuate and highlight the architectural features of a property so that buyers and owners see the full value in that asset.

Home Stagers are in the business of merchandising and detailing properties for sale.

We de-clutter, de-personalize, beautify, decorate, furnish, re-arrange, and optimize floor space in properties of all types, sizes, and price-points. We ensure that these properties (Assets) are fetching top-dollar in minimal time.

You ask why I compare my job to a game. This is because it IS about winning. I watch the competition (non-staged close comparable properties) like a hawk. When I have staged a client’s property and it sells faster, and for more money, we have WON! And my clients are ecstatic.

There are some certain “perks” in this profession. Because of how much manual labor is involved, I feel I have a year-round free gym membership. My undying thirst for exploring architecture is quenched day in, day out. And I am blessed with an outlet for my creative personality.

Any income made in my business is simply viewed by me as a side-effect or a bonus. This is because I have absolutely found my calling. I am doing what I LOVE to do.

Is there a moral to this story?

When deciding on a new career, find what you love to do, do what you need to do to get started, ensure that your business provides something that will help others succeed greatly, and success will be yours.

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