Good and Bad ways to Stage for the Holidays

Myth: No matter what, home-owners should avoid listing their home for sale during the Holidays.

Fact: There are going to be buyers out there at ALL times of the year. Many people, due to differing life circumstances, are faced with having to find a new home regardless of what the weather is doing. There are many different events in the lives of humans that dictate a necessary move, such as; Job Relocation, Divorce, Loss of human life, one’s own home selling, etc.

We also have to be mindful of the fact that if buyers are taking time to view properties during the Holidays, it is more likely because they HAVE to find a new home to buy. Humans have a LOT on their plate during the Holidays, so if they don’t have to throw house-hunting onto their list, they usually won’t. It is much less likely that you will have tire-kickers come to view your home. So, during the Holidays, all viewings are much more meaningful and fruitful.

So, now you have decided to list or keep your home listed during the Holidays. How do you ensure that your home is showing in its best light when you are trying to maintain a festive balance with your decor?

Your home is now a product for sale, and for a successful sale, your product needs to appeal to the widest audience possible. So, we need to remember that the buyers viewing your home are from all walks of life.

Your life does not need to come to a halt when you are selling your home, BUT there are some very important things you need to remember during the Holidays.

When your home is marketed for sale during the Holidays:


• Overwhelm important architectural features with decorations/memorabilia (fireplaces, windows, kitchen counters or cabinets, great flooring, crown moulding, wainscoting, etc)

• Heavily scent your home with all the tempting candles and potpourri for the Holidays

• Saturate the exterior of your home with so many lawn decorations that your address numbers are invisible from the road

• Eat up too much valuable floor-space with your tree or other free-standing decorations


• Cut down the volume of decorations you would normally bring out

• Try to keep the number of decoration colors to a maximum of two or three

• Remember that the best scent in a property for sale is no scent at all. Fresh air is best.

• Try to avoid the real tree temptation, as it creates one more mess to deal with

• Remove a chair or other piece of furniture from the room in which you place the Tree

• Make sure that all of your purchased gifts and wrapping supplies are stored neatly in a closet

• Keep Religious Symbol Holiday Decor to a minimum, as not all buyers will be of the same faith

The above simply outlines a few of the major tips when it comes to marketing your home for sale during the Holidays. This time of year is hectic, at best. Hiring Elisabeth Home Staging Services to take care of all of the details for you will alleviate a large portion of your stress!

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