Elisabeth Home Staging Services Prepare your Home for a Successful Sale!

So, you have made the decision (or a change in life circumstances have forced the decision upon you) to put your house/condo/townhouse/mobile-home up for sale.

But between your working 45-60 hours per week, taking care of routine housework/yard-work, and getting the kids organized for all of their daily activities, you are overwhelmed by the thought of finding the time or energy to tackle the millions of all-important-details when it comes to marketing one’s property for sale.

Even if you don’t have children at home, life these days can still be hectic and tiring. So when you start to tune into the buzz coming from REALTORS and the HGTV shows, panic is a very normal reaction.

We have all heard that buyers these days are seeking an absolutely “Move-in-Ready” home to buy.

You have probably also heard the saying, “An un-Staged property simply helps the neighbor’s house to sell.”

Well, as you sit back and look around, you may find yourself asking, “Where do I start?”

There are many grey areas when it comes to Home Staging.

Yes, one should De-clutter their property, but it is very easy to go too far, leaving things too blank and stark.

Yes, one should De-personalize their property, but, again, it is simple to go too far, creating a cold and unwelcoming environment.

Yes, some decorative touches and additions of color in a property can be very helpful in drawing the buyers’ eyes to valuable assets in the structure of a property. BUT, if accessorizing is not properly done, or is not strategically carried out with the buyer’s psyche in mind, this can also go terribly wrong. For example, art that is hung too high on a wall makes ceilings feel a lot lower than they actually are. This gives a negative first impression.

Do not be embarrassed or ashamed if you feel that you don’t have a talent for any or some of the above. This just means that you hold expertise in areas we don’t.

So, rather than allowing additional stress to sit on your plate when you don’t deserve it, think about handing the reins over to Elisabeth Home Staging Services.

Elisabeth Home Staging Services – Home Staging Services to the rescue! We have our finger on the pulse of the Real Estate Market at all times, and are experienced, educated/trained, and talented at taking any property and transforming it into a highly sought-after product that sells in half the time and for more money.

For your occupied property, we offer the following service:

“We Do It All For You” Home Staging Package

This is great for people who are really lacking the time/drive/energy/strength to complete all Property Presentation tasks on their own.

Starting with the Major Impact Areas of the property, we utilize the home-owner’s current existing belongings for the most optimal presentation. We de-clutter, de-personalize, fine-tune/change furnishings arrangements to maximize floor space, re-purpose accessories/artwork/soft furnishings where necessary for positive impact, and do everything we can to ensure the property is absolutely showing and photo-ready for a successful sale.

The investment for these packages is only $395 plus GST for 4-hrs and $692 plus GST for 8-hrs.

Of course the time we spend in your home will be custom-tailored to your unique situation, but, in the end, we have always served to alleviate a huge chunk of the pressure in your life. 

We have been providing Professional Home Staging Services and creating success stories for sellers and since 2009.

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