Are you a Leader or a Follower?

This post is for all Listing REALTORS out there. 

Do you go with the flow, do what is necessary, follow just the mandatory steps, and have a business model that simply stays static?

Or are you a REALTOR who thinks outside the box, goes the extra mile, explores all avenues out there to help your clients succeed, and who strives to be on the cutting edge?

What do you include in your listing packages for your sellers? 

What are you doing to stand out amongst the competition?

It is no secret that sellers these days will interview more than one REALTOR when deciding with whom to list. What is it about your listing package that gives you confidence that you will win most listings?

I work alongside many different amazing REALTORS in the US area. These REALTORS have found immediate tangible value in including varying levels of Home Staging services within their listing packages for their clients.

Plain and simple: Professional Home Staging guarantees a listing will shine among its competition, sell faster, and sell for more money.

Sellers are very savvy, and becoming more so every day. They KNOW that Home Staging creates successful sales and yields a High ROI (return on investment). 

So, guess what happens when you, as their REALTOR, offers the gift of Home Staging to them? 

You are right! They are enamoured, impressed, blown away, and excited!

The REALTORS I do work for have found such incredible value in Home Staging, and have seen such a monumental increase in their bottom line (income) as a result of hiring a Stager for each of their listings, that all of them have now changed their budget for each listing to include these services.

Think about this for a moment: If you had a tool-of-the-trade sitting right in front of you that is guaranteed to cause your career productivity and income to increase exponentially, are you really going to consciously ignore it?

You will, and do, of course, come across properties that will need absolutely no help in the Staging/Presentation department. There are simply people out there with a great talent and eye for what buyers in the market would like to see when viewing prospective new homes. 

And, in those cases, of course, you wouldn’t mention an offer of Home Staging at all.

How do you benefit from employing the services of Elisabeth Home Staging Services for your listings?

You will:

* Secure a much higher percentage of listings due to demonstrating much larger value

* At least double your number of properties SOLD

* Cut the days-on-market (DOM) down to half for all of your listings

* Create much higher seller-satisfaction, which, in turn, creates magical and powerful word-of-mouth advertising that money cannot buy

* Save your valuable time/effort/resources on listings where you were normally feeling obligated to help get the property showing-worthy

* Save stress/headaches/awkwardness related to sensitive presentation issues (smoking, pets, smells, clutter, uncleanliness, personal effects, etc) – I get to be the “bad guy” for you!

* Be filled with confidence that your Home Stager has edcuated your seller to the point where they completely understand how their property HAS to look and feel for all showings


There simply ARE NO negatives in enlisting the help of Elisabeth Home Staging Services for your listings. 

The truth of it all is that Home Staging is enroute to becoming the absolute norm. 

And, if you are not on this train, you do, absolutely risk falling off the back of it.

Elisabeth Home Staging Services who is successful at what they do has one paramount goal. This goal of mine is to do everything within my power (and expertise, and talent, and training) to ensure that EVERYONE wins. 

I want you, the REALTOR, to maximize your income potential. I want the seller to experience speedy and seamless success. And, by default, because I have made the above my sole aim, I have also created high client satisfaction. This means that my business continues to grow again and again.

Like I say, EVERYONE wins!

I have been told numerous times….not sure if you have heard….but I am quite the tool!!! LOL! Use Me!

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