Best Unpacking & Packing Tips for Relocation

Best Unpacking & Packing Tips for Relocation 

Getting packed up and moved is a huge undertaking. However, there is still unpacking and settling down to handle after your relocation How can you simplify this task and handle it in a trouble free and easy manner? That is what our tips are for. Read on.  

– Think of unpacking before you pack up 

This is the best favor you can do yourself! Proper and smart packing would make the unpacking easy as a piece of cake. Here is what you do: plan it! Make a list of things packed. Mark them properly. Make a list of every box or bag you get packed up with quick notes on what is inside.  

This way upon arrival you would know exactly where to look for things. Use color labeling to mark the boxes by the rooms or the types of goods they contain.  

– Pack the emergency bag or box  

Surely once you move into your new house you would need such basic things as towels, cooking gear, toilet paper, soap, etc. Make sure to get a box to last you for the first few days. Make a list of things you would need after you move in and pack them up in a single box (or 2-3 of them). Get some clean clothes, socks, coffee, makeup there.  

– Do not aim to unpack in one day  

It might seem like a great idea to unpack and tidy things up in one or just few days. It might not be doable, though. Packing up is quicker than unpacking. For one thing you have this new house and need time to figure out where to put things and how to arrange them. Give yourself some time after the moving to think things over and only then start massive unpacking.  

– Do it room by room 

If you have packed things up smartly (labeling, marking, doing room by room), you can start unpacking in the same manner. Just carry all the boxes that belong to kitchen into that facility and get it done. Then move on to the next room.  

– Assemble and set up all the furniture  

It would help you to prepare all the new storage room for the stuff. Set up your sofas and all the rest of it. Assemble all the wardrobes and shelves. Put them up and make them ready to get filled up with your belongings.  

Packing Tips for Moving Fragile Items 

Packing can be a dull task, but it still has to be done and done well by yourself or with the help of cheap moving companies to which you can send your request in advance. It’s such a pity to break your valuable dishes or vases during the move. So, get armed with these tips and simplify the task for yourself.  

– Get tough boxes 

Not all the packing boxes are the same. Some of them are made out of a thinner cardboard. This means they are not fit for packing heavy glass items. The bottom can easily break and all the dishes or cups in one box can get broken. So, pick such things as dish barrels or special thick cardboard ones to keep your breakables safe. 

– Double tape the box bottom 

Even the strongest box may give away at the bottom. So, use some duct tape to add several layers there and make sure nothing would fall down and get lost.  

– Label your boxes 

Moving breakables, you do need to mark and label all the boxes, so that your local or out of state movers would know they contain fragile stuff. Use colorful post-it papers or markers, so your labeling would not be missed.  

– Use special boxes for cups 

There are smaller and larger ones with special inside compartments. You just put your cups, vases or glasses in and they are separated and kept safe and sound. No need to wrap every cup in socks or paper. It makes packing so much easier and safer.  

– Get all the packing materials you need 

The list may include such things as bubble wrap, packing paper, packing peanuts or packing tape and duct tape. And, the boxes, of course.  

– Use your things to cut down expenses 

If you cannot afford the right amount of tissue paper or bubble wrap, then just use your clothes for packing breakables. That works well if you have a long-distance relocation to handle. Use your socks or tops to pack up cups and glasses. Use sweaters or towels for the places and dishes.  

– Start ahead of time  

You do need a good amount of time to prepare and pack up everything properly. So, engage your whole family in the process and plan everything ahead of time.  

These moving tips would help your relocation safely and avoid being sorry over broken pieces of your favorite china.  

Good and Bad ways to Stage for the Holidays

Myth: No matter what, home-owners should avoid listing their home for sale during the Holidays.

Fact: There are going to be buyers out there at ALL times of the year. Many people, due to differing life circumstances, are faced with having to find a new home regardless of what the weather is doing. There are many different events in the lives of humans that dictate a necessary move, such as; Job Relocation, Divorce, Loss of human life, one’s own home selling, etc.

We also have to be mindful of the fact that if buyers are taking time to view properties during the Holidays, it is more likely because they HAVE to find a new home to buy. Humans have a LOT on their plate during the Holidays, so if they don’t have to throw house-hunting onto their list, they usually won’t. It is much less likely that you will have tire-kickers come to view your home. So, during the Holidays, all viewings are much more meaningful and fruitful.

So, now you have decided to list or keep your home listed during the Holidays. How do you ensure that your home is showing in its best light when you are trying to maintain a festive balance with your decor?

Your home is now a product for sale, and for a successful sale, your product needs to appeal to the widest audience possible. So, we need to remember that the buyers viewing your home are from all walks of life.

Your life does not need to come to a halt when you are selling your home, BUT there are some very important things you need to remember during the Holidays.

When your home is marketed for sale during the Holidays:


• Overwhelm important architectural features with decorations/memorabilia (fireplaces, windows, kitchen counters or cabinets, great flooring, crown moulding, wainscoting, etc)

• Heavily scent your home with all the tempting candles and potpourri for the Holidays

• Saturate the exterior of your home with so many lawn decorations that your address numbers are invisible from the road

• Eat up too much valuable floor-space with your tree or other free-standing decorations


• Cut down the volume of decorations you would normally bring out

• Try to keep the number of decoration colors to a maximum of two or three

• Remember that the best scent in a property for sale is no scent at all. Fresh air is best.

• Try to avoid the real tree temptation, as it creates one more mess to deal with

• Remove a chair or other piece of furniture from the room in which you place the Tree

• Make sure that all of your purchased gifts and wrapping supplies are stored neatly in a closet

• Keep Religious Symbol Holiday Decor to a minimum, as not all buyers will be of the same faith

The above simply outlines a few of the major tips when it comes to marketing your home for sale during the Holidays. This time of year is hectic, at best. Hiring Elisabeth Home Staging Services to take care of all of the details for you will alleviate a large portion of your stress!

Are you a Leader or a Follower?

This post is for all Listing REALTORS out there. 

Do you go with the flow, do what is necessary, follow just the mandatory steps, and have a business model that simply stays static?

Or are you a REALTOR who thinks outside the box, goes the extra mile, explores all avenues out there to help your clients succeed, and who strives to be on the cutting edge?

What do you include in your listing packages for your sellers? 

What are you doing to stand out amongst the competition?

It is no secret that sellers these days will interview more than one REALTOR when deciding with whom to list. What is it about your listing package that gives you confidence that you will win most listings?

I work alongside many different amazing REALTORS in the US area. These REALTORS have found immediate tangible value in including varying levels of Home Staging services within their listing packages for their clients.

Plain and simple: Professional Home Staging guarantees a listing will shine among its competition, sell faster, and sell for more money.

Sellers are very savvy, and becoming more so every day. They KNOW that Home Staging creates successful sales and yields a High ROI (return on investment). 

So, guess what happens when you, as their REALTOR, offers the gift of Home Staging to them? 

You are right! They are enamoured, impressed, blown away, and excited!

The REALTORS I do work for have found such incredible value in Home Staging, and have seen such a monumental increase in their bottom line (income) as a result of hiring a Stager for each of their listings, that all of them have now changed their budget for each listing to include these services.

Think about this for a moment: If you had a tool-of-the-trade sitting right in front of you that is guaranteed to cause your career productivity and income to increase exponentially, are you really going to consciously ignore it?

You will, and do, of course, come across properties that will need absolutely no help in the Staging/Presentation department. There are simply people out there with a great talent and eye for what buyers in the market would like to see when viewing prospective new homes. 

And, in those cases, of course, you wouldn’t mention an offer of Home Staging at all.

How do you benefit from employing the services of Elisabeth Home Staging Services for your listings?

You will:

* Secure a much higher percentage of listings due to demonstrating much larger value

* At least double your number of properties SOLD

* Cut the days-on-market (DOM) down to half for all of your listings

* Create much higher seller-satisfaction, which, in turn, creates magical and powerful word-of-mouth advertising that money cannot buy

* Save your valuable time/effort/resources on listings where you were normally feeling obligated to help get the property showing-worthy

* Save stress/headaches/awkwardness related to sensitive presentation issues (smoking, pets, smells, clutter, uncleanliness, personal effects, etc) – I get to be the “bad guy” for you!

* Be filled with confidence that your Home Stager has edcuated your seller to the point where they completely understand how their property HAS to look and feel for all showings


There simply ARE NO negatives in enlisting the help of Elisabeth Home Staging Services for your listings. 

The truth of it all is that Home Staging is enroute to becoming the absolute norm. 

And, if you are not on this train, you do, absolutely risk falling off the back of it.

Elisabeth Home Staging Services who is successful at what they do has one paramount goal. This goal of mine is to do everything within my power (and expertise, and talent, and training) to ensure that EVERYONE wins. 

I want you, the REALTOR, to maximize your income potential. I want the seller to experience speedy and seamless success. And, by default, because I have made the above my sole aim, I have also created high client satisfaction. This means that my business continues to grow again and again.

Like I say, EVERYONE wins!

I have been told numerous times….not sure if you have heard….but I am quite the tool!!! LOL! Use Me!

The True Motivation of Elisabeth Home Staging Services

As Elisabeth Home Staging Services who owns her business, I get asked the following question all the time: “So, is there good money to be made in Staging?”

This question always ends up taking me off guard, as income is not how I measure the success of my business.

So what characteristics do successful Home Stagers possess?

• Practical/logical Problem Solving abilities

• Compassionate and intuitive people-skills

• Creative and abstract thinking

• Well versed in Real Estate Market conditions at all times

• Amazing spatial awareness

• A true passion for and knowledge of Décor and Design

• An strong aptitude for all aspects of business

People also often ask me what I lend my business success to. My answer now is this: I liken my profession to a big game that I am blessed enough to wake up every day to play. My game consists of doing everything within my power to ensure that my clients (home sellers, REALTORS, and Builders) sell their properties in the shortest amount of time possible and make the most money possible.

I am thrilled to wake up every morning and start my day. My profession is my only addiction. My clients’ successes are paramount to me. My sole goal every day is to ensure that I have done all that I can to assist in the speedy/successful sale of all of my clients’ properties.

What do we do, exactly?

Plain and simple.

We effectively accentuate and highlight the architectural features of a property so that buyers and owners see the full value in that asset.

Home Stagers are in the business of merchandising and detailing properties for sale.

We de-clutter, de-personalize, beautify, decorate, furnish, re-arrange, and optimize floor space in properties of all types, sizes, and price-points. We ensure that these properties (Assets) are fetching top-dollar in minimal time.

You ask why I compare my job to a game. This is because it IS about winning. I watch the competition (non-staged close comparable properties) like a hawk. When I have staged a client’s property and it sells faster, and for more money, we have WON! And my clients are ecstatic.

There are some certain “perks” in this profession. Because of how much manual labor is involved, I feel I have a year-round free gym membership. My undying thirst for exploring architecture is quenched day in, day out. And I am blessed with an outlet for my creative personality.

Any income made in my business is simply viewed by me as a side-effect or a bonus. This is because I have absolutely found my calling. I am doing what I LOVE to do.

Is there a moral to this story?

When deciding on a new career, find what you love to do, do what you need to do to get started, ensure that your business provides something that will help others succeed greatly, and success will be yours.

Elisabeth Home Staging Services Prepare your Home for a Successful Sale!

So, you have made the decision (or a change in life circumstances have forced the decision upon you) to put your house/condo/townhouse/mobile-home up for sale.

But between your working 45-60 hours per week, taking care of routine housework/yard-work, and getting the kids organized for all of their daily activities, you are overwhelmed by the thought of finding the time or energy to tackle the millions of all-important-details when it comes to marketing one’s property for sale.

Even if you don’t have children at home, life these days can still be hectic and tiring. So when you start to tune into the buzz coming from REALTORS and the HGTV shows, panic is a very normal reaction.

We have all heard that buyers these days are seeking an absolutely “Move-in-Ready” home to buy.

You have probably also heard the saying, “An un-Staged property simply helps the neighbor’s house to sell.”

Well, as you sit back and look around, you may find yourself asking, “Where do I start?”

There are many grey areas when it comes to Home Staging.

Yes, one should De-clutter their property, but it is very easy to go too far, leaving things too blank and stark.

Yes, one should De-personalize their property, but, again, it is simple to go too far, creating a cold and unwelcoming environment.

Yes, some decorative touches and additions of color in a property can be very helpful in drawing the buyers’ eyes to valuable assets in the structure of a property. BUT, if accessorizing is not properly done, or is not strategically carried out with the buyer’s psyche in mind, this can also go terribly wrong. For example, art that is hung too high on a wall makes ceilings feel a lot lower than they actually are. This gives a negative first impression.

Do not be embarrassed or ashamed if you feel that you don’t have a talent for any or some of the above. This just means that you hold expertise in areas we don’t.

So, rather than allowing additional stress to sit on your plate when you don’t deserve it, think about handing the reins over to Elisabeth Home Staging Services.

Elisabeth Home Staging Services – Home Staging Services to the rescue! We have our finger on the pulse of the Real Estate Market at all times, and are experienced, educated/trained, and talented at taking any property and transforming it into a highly sought-after product that sells in half the time and for more money.

For your occupied property, we offer the following service:

“We Do It All For You” Home Staging Package

This is great for people who are really lacking the time/drive/energy/strength to complete all Property Presentation tasks on their own.

Starting with the Major Impact Areas of the property, we utilize the home-owner’s current existing belongings for the most optimal presentation. We de-clutter, de-personalize, fine-tune/change furnishings arrangements to maximize floor space, re-purpose accessories/artwork/soft furnishings where necessary for positive impact, and do everything we can to ensure the property is absolutely showing and photo-ready for a successful sale.

The investment for these packages is only $395 plus GST for 4-hrs and $692 plus GST for 8-hrs.

Of course the time we spend in your home will be custom-tailored to your unique situation, but, in the end, we have always served to alleviate a huge chunk of the pressure in your life. 

We have been providing Professional Home Staging Services and creating success stories for sellers and since 2009.