About me

I am a textile-based installation artist and educator. Originally from France, I live in London and work from my studio in Hackney. I create interactive installations, props and costumes for events, exhibitions, performances, videos and photos. I graduated from Central St Martins in 2008, getting a Masters in Textile Futures with Distinction. I originally studied art and textile design in Paris at schools such as Duperre and Olivier de Serres.

I work with digital technologies and innovative materials. I combine traditional techniques such as dressmaking, embroidery and screen-printing with innovative digital technologies such as laser cutting and etching and inkjet printed fabrics. I collaborate with engineers to embed lights in my costumes and develop mechanisms and electronic devices that animate and inflate my installations.

I am one of the founder of the award-winning collective Puff and Flock, a design group dedicated to the future of textiles. We regularly collaborate and exhibit together in England and internationally (New York, Milan, London, Birmingham). We often exhibit with Designersblock and work for companies such as Ercol and Toray to reinterpret their furniture and fabric. We recently won the Creative Enterprise Award for Artistic Colaboration 2011.

My last projects include a performance at the Victoria&Albert museum in London and a msuic video for the singer Saint Saviour. I also regularly help Moritz Waldemeyer with the making of light-up jackets for the band Take That, various artists and TV advertising. Last but not least I am starting up a company called the Move Me Shirts with Menswear designer Trine Lindegaard.

Passionate about education, I am a visiting lecturer at Central Saint Martins, I run workshops for all ages for summer schools and festivals and I am the education officer of the Fashion and Textile Museum in London. I work on educational installations and performances that raise current environmental and social issues, an example being "My Shower Curtain is a Green Warrior".

For any inquiry, contact me here.

Photo: Moritz Waldemeyer